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Cost To Quote a job/ticket:

$5 - $200 depending on complexity.

Yes, we charge to quote custom jobs for non-monthly clients. Invoice are replied to the ticket for payment before the quote answer is given.

"Cost for the job" are separately invoiced from the "Cost To Quote".

Example of a $100+ quote request:

I want to build a ecommerce store for a printing business, how much?

Valor PM will do:

    • Perform a technical interview with the client to understand client's tech savviness, currently used tech stack, and business workflow.
    • Find an ecommerce platform, or application that support not only just e-commerce checkout, but the sales and customization required for the products.
    • Evaluate the budget to meet the ideal requirement, AND the minimum viable solution to meet the clients' budget.
    • Compile a proposal with at least 2 pricing solutions

Example of a $20 quote request:

I want a ecommerce store for printing, on WordPress Woocommerce, good VPS server to support the plugins, ad traffic, and google page speed. I already know we will need XYZ plugin to do mock up on the site, and for products, we need the client to be able to select quantity, paper thickness, and sizes in addition to the XYZ plugin for artwork. We have 20 products and up to 1000 variations, I need to site to look like ABC.com, How much does it cost you to put together all these?

Since the client/agency already have done the groundwork and research for the heavy lifting, Valor PM will do:

    • Review all tech stack to make sure they are compatible and are within our support scope. (For example, we don't support Adobe Magento Ecommerce Builder)
    • Verify scope and estimate cost
    • Proposal with 1 price

Example of a $5 quote request:

I want a multi-step form with 10 question slides added to my existing site, doesn't matter the tech used (custom form, or JotForm or form plugin), but I want to receive an email notification and if possible lead gets sends into my Mailchimp mail-list via Zapier. How much?


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