Step-by-Step Guide to Securing Your $2,400 CDAP Grant (Canada Digital Adoption Plan) Step 1-3
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1. Go to 

2. Sign up a new account

3. Fill out the survey

The sign up + registration should be very straight forward, if you run into challenges, take a look at the video of how I filled out the form from start to finish.

I included some tips and clarified some ambiguous questions based on my past applications.

Important, you must have already registered your sole proprietor, partnership and corporation.

You are required to provide the BC business number, and the article of incorporation (or similar government proof for sole proprietor and partnership.)

4. DON'T MISS THIS STEP (super easy to miss the step, watch the video below)

Now you are done for the what I consider the first phase.

Next you will wait 1-3 weeks for a phone or email from the grant administrator to book an appointment, or if they require further document they will ask you to send it in promptly.

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